About the Company

HAMPR a.s. and HAMPR SK Ltd. companies are young yet dynamically growing construction companies which have been operating in the construction market of the Czech Republic and Slovakia since 2008. The companies are run by one management and during this relatively short time have managed to execute many major projects to the full satisfaction of their customers.

Business activities of both companies focus on the general supply in building, trafic, water construction and development. As far as the customers are concerned, the companies are able to provide and ensure a comprehensive portfolio of the services connected with the transformation of customers vision into reality via maximum use of the potential and acquired experience in the construction industry. In order to achieve that the companies continually try to improve all project teams as well as the business backround of the company.

Under the insurance scheme of implementing the construction contracts companies use the services of MSIG Insurance Europe AG and Kooperativa poisťovna a.s. Vienna Insurance Group through which they are able to guarantee and provide insurance according to individual customer needs.